MakeWell Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 15, 2024


Welcome to MakeWell, your trusted AI-powered healthcare companion. We are dedicated to protecting your personal and health information and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other relevant privacy laws.

Data Collection and Storage

Data Storage and Security: Your personal data is securely stored on your device and always encrypted using AES-256 standards. Additionally, we ensure its protection during in-app processing and transit using industry-standard encryption protocols, such as TLS (Transport Layer Security), to safeguard against unauthorized access.

App Usage Data: We use Google Analytics to track the usage of features in our app. This helps us understand how users benefit from our app and make improvements. No information about the content of user exchanges is captured; only events indicating that a feature has been used are collected. This data is associated with a unique, anonymized user identifier and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Personal Information: We collect identifiable information for your personalized profile and communication within MakeWell. This information is stored exclusively on your device.

Health Information: Comprehensive health-related metrics are collected for personalized health advice. This information is stored exclusively on your device. Our AI models are regularly updated with medical research and user feedback.

Billing Information: Payment details are securely processed by RevenueCat with advanced tokenization and encryption. While MakeWell does not store your billing information, we ensure its protection through stringent security measures during transactions.

Collection Methods: Data is collected via direct interactions within the app. Uninstalling the app permanently erases all locally stored data.

Use of Data

Billing and Transactions: Billing services are managed by RevenueCat, ensuring confidentiality of your information.

AI Personalization and Validation: Your health data is used for AI-driven personalized health advice.

App Improvement: We analyze aggregated, anonymized app usage data collected through Google Analytics to understand feature usage patterns and improve our app. This data does not contain any personal or health information.

Data Sharing and Disclosure
Third-Party Data Processing: We use Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Analytics for hosting and app usage tracking. They process data strictly for functionality and app improvement purposes, under rigorous security and privacy standards, ensuring no personal data is compromised.

User Consent and Choice

Consent to Data Use: Consent is obtained through a clear, affirmative action within the app. You can choose which data to transmit each time. At MakeWell, we respect your autonomy over your personal data. Providing your data is inherently linked with your consent, given through the use of our app and affirmative acceptance of this policy. To manage your data, you have the following options:

App Usage Tracking Opt-Out: You can opt out of app usage tracking through Google Analytics by adjusting your preferences in the app settings. Opting out will not affect your ability to use the app or the personalized healthcare experience.

Continued Use Equals Consent: By using MakeWell, you are actively consenting to the collection and use of your data as outlined in this policy. We only collect and process data necessary for the app's functionality and your personalized healthcare experience.

Discontinue Use to Withdraw Consent: If at any point you decide to withdraw your consent, you can do so by simply discontinuing the use of our app. Since your data is stored on your device, ceasing to use the app effectively stops any further data collection and processing. Remember, uninstalling the app will also erase all locally stored data from your device.

App Settings for Data Control: While we do not have a specific 'Withdraw Consent' option within the app, you can control the types of data collected by adjusting your preferences in the app settings. This allows you to limit the scope of data collected while continuing to use MakeWell.

Data Security

Our security measures include end-to-end encryption and regular security audits to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

User Rights

Access and Rectification: Users can access and rectify their data through the app.

Data Portability: We provide a clear process for exporting your data to accommodate portability requests.

Erasure and Objection: Should you wish to erase your data, you can do so through the app. This action will delete your data from your device, as well as from any backups or logs where it may be stored.

International Data Transfers

We have robust mechanisms for international data transfers, ensuring compliance with global standards.

Incident Response and Data Breach Protocol

In the event of a data breach, we will take immediate action to assess the impact and implement remedial measures. Affected users will be notified within 72 hours of breach discovery.

Regulatory Changes and Compliance Monitoring

We regularly monitor regulatory changes to ensure ongoing compliance.

Employee and Contractor Data Handling Training

Our team receives comprehensive training on data privacy and security bi-annually, covering the latest industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Data Processing Agreements
Our DPAs with third parties emphasize data handling responsibilities and breach notification obligations.

Privacy by Design

We integrate privacy at every stage of our app development. This includes data minimization, ensuring only necessary data is collected, and implementing user control features for data management.

Policy Updates and Notifications

We notify users of significant policy changes through the app or email before any changes are made.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns, contact our Privacy Team at

Grievance Redressal

Contact our Grievance Officer at for prompt resolution of your concerns.

Children’s Privacy

Our app is not intended for children under 13. We comply with COPPA and similar regulations to prevent the collection of children's data.

Accessibility and Language

MakeWell adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA and is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Technology Partners and Integration

For each technology integration, we conduct rigorous privacy impact assessments to evaluate and mitigate any risks to user privacy.

Google Analytics: We have integrated Google Analytics for app usage tracking. Our privacy impact assessment has confirmed that no personal or health information is collected or shared with Google Analytics. Users can opt out of this tracking at any time through the app settings.

Cross-Jurisdictional Compliance

We customize our data practices to comply with regional laws such as GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California, and PIPEDA in Canada, ensuring global privacy standards are met.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to these terms.