Frequently Asked Questions


You only have to enter your medical details once, but you can update them at any time. To add or update, you can access the "You" Tab. See your previous health analysis results and reports prepared for your Dr in the "Health" tab.


MakeWell asks you questions to understnd your full health story. It doesn't just look at one symptom. The app uses only trusted, validated medical information to give you personalized results.

General Information

1What is MakeWell?
MakeWell is a revolutionary healthcare app that provides instant, AI-personalized healthcare guidance. It's designed to empower everyone with accessible, comprehensive health information, wellness plans, and education, regardless of your location, native language, or financial capability.
2Is It Accurate
MakeWell's advanced technology utilizes only trusted medical sources. We built MakeWell with a group of medical experts, physicians and specialists at the top of their fields. We also have a Medical Advisory Board who helps us ensure ongoing accuracy, especially as new medical discoveries are made.
3How often is the app updated with new features and health information?
MakeWell is regularly updated to ensure you have access to the latest healthcare information and features. We strive to keep the app current with automatic updates, providing you with the most up-to-date health advice and tools.
4Is MakeWell available worldwide?
Yes, MakeWell is designed for global use and available in your native language. However, some features, like location-based services, may vary depending on geographical availability and local healthcare systems.
5Is there a cost to using MakeWell?
MakeWell offers both free and paid versions. The free version, designed to support underserved individuals, includes limited basic features like symptom checking, while the paid version provides unlimited use of all features.
6Can my doctor access?
The only way anyone, including your doctors, can access your information is of you decide to share it.
7How secure is my health data with MakeWell?
We prioritize your privacy above all. Our system is designed to ensure all your personal and medical-related data is stored exclusively on your device. Our servers do not store any user information, giving you peace of mind about your privacy when using our app.

Features and Functionality

1How does the AI-Based Symptom Checker work?
Our AI-Based Symptom Checker is designed to emulate the cognitive processes of a team of expert physicians. When you input your symptoms, the AI engages in a detailed analysis, much like a panel of doctors would, considering various aspects of your health and symptoms. It then uses this comprehensive evaluation to provide accurate health recommendations. This advanced approach ensures that the guidance you receive is not only based on sophisticated AI technology but also mirrors the thorough, considerate care you would expect from a professional healthcare team.
2What kind of advice can I expect from the AI-Powered Doctor Consultation?
The AI-Powered Doctor Consultation provides personalized medical information, similar to what you might receive from a healthcare professional. However, it should not replace a face-to-face consultation with a doctor for diagnosing and treating health conditions.
3Can I share the Health Report generated by MakeWell with my doctor?
Absolutely! The Health Reports are detailed and designed to be shared with your healthcare provider, facilitating informed discussions about your health.
4How does the Location-Based Medical Facility Finder work?
This feature, under development, will use your current location to identify and suggest nearby medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, helping you find the care you need quickly.
5What does the Treatment Compliance Tracker track?
This feature, under development, will track your adherence to treatment plans assigned by your provider, including medication schedules, appointments, and lifestyle changes, helping you stay on course with your health goals.